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hegemonic – ruling or dominant in a political or social context

Source: Webster’s

Found it used here recently: Stuff That White People Like – San Francisco

If you follow Guy Kawasaki’s blog, you may have seen these. Thought it was worth sharing the pics.

45 hours in KL

Joel On Software

Twenty-five years later, the author of A Whack on the Side of the Head sits down with Guy Kawasaki to discuss today’s innovative companies.

Here’s the Interview

As you know, I’ve been getting back into riding again…(insert sound of an LP screeching to a halt). “Wait, what do you mean by ‘ride’?”, you ask. Well, when Isay ride, I mean riding a bicycle – specifically, my mountain bike. But apparently, some guys I overheard talking at the gym this morning meant riding motorized dirt bikes or 4-wheelers!

I became excited when I overheard two men discussing nearby trails and how great the riding was in and around Taunton and Seekonk. I thought these might be trails that hadn’t made it onto any website and had to be a great secret that only locals knew about. I listened in a little closer; I even lost count of how many pushups I completed. Man #1 said, “Oh yeah, man that’s a really great ride, once you pass under the power lines just keep going up this hill.” I said to myself. “Hill?”, this sounds good (obviously ignoring the power line bit). Man #1 continued, “Its pretty technical, lots of roots and rocks.” Hmmm….technical. Ok, now even though it was raining pretty good this morning, I thought about getting out of there and hopping on my bike. The first man continued to describe a decent sounding ride with lots of distance, beauty, peace and fun. My attention waned a little as I drifted into dream land (damn, how many sets did I complete). I anxiously awaited for another significant piece of data to add to my virtual reality trip.

Then I heard something that made my heart sink. Finally, man #1 said something that provoked a response from man #2, “Oh yeah I know the place! I ride my 4-wheeler there all the time!”. Shit. I thought I had found a trail I could get to out my front door. A place where other mountain bikers went to ride. Sigh.

I’m already convinced that I will have to purchase a regulation hunting vest to ride the trails around here. So, I’m not sure about the riding on trails chewed up my motorized vehicles and run the risk of being hit by one as well. Not to mention the noise…oh that awful noise.


Dysphemism – the substitution of a disagreeable, offensive, or disparaging expression for an agreeable or inoffensive one.

“dead tree edition” rather than “paper edition” (of an online magazine)
“kick the bucket” rather than “died” or “passed away”

Roughly synonymous with cacophemism (deliberately offensive).


Source: Webster’s, Wikipedia