My name is Samir Batla. I go by Batla. You’ve navigated to this page because you are 1) curious as to who I am; 2) you mis-clicked; or 3) none of the above . If you are in the class of folks described by 2 or 3, then simply click the back button and you are on your way. If you fall into the first group, then keep reading – and I thank you.

First and foremost, I am a humbled husband and father to two beautiful ladies, Kathy and Alex, respectively. They are the ones who have truly added meaning to my life and why I do what I do. We live in a modest Colonial with a big backyard in the beautiful state of Rhode Island.

I am a software developer by training. When I have time to think about it, I usually avoid terms like engineer and architect. (My father was a civil engineer, and well, when I think of engineers and architects I think of someone other than people in software). Ironically, my title is Director of Solution Architects. Oh yeah, I work for a company in El Segundo, CA called Siderean Software. And yes, as driven by relevance, I will shamelessly plug my employer. I also serve on the Advisory Board of The Center for Semantic Excellence. Finally, because I have all this free time, I am assisting a dear friend of mine on a book project – in the Semantic Web space.

I am a practitioner of Semantic Web Technologies. I’ve had my head buried in XML/RDF/OWL for several years now and don’t see myself escaping that for a while. I cut my teeth on these technologies while I was with Cerebra (formerly Network Inference of the UK). Cerebra developed the first commercially viable OWL-DL reasoning engine. I love this stuff, I live it and breathe it. 

I do spend time away from the computer (and no, its not watching TV). I have an active toddler who I adore spending time with. If you have children and you haven’t done so already, observe how they learn to reason and build their knowledge base – its a beautiful thing and brings a tear to my eye (seriously). Because, it’s sobering (being aware of your own dysfunctions) and yet so invigorating (realizing the opportunity you have), to realize that their little reasoning engine is taking axioms primarily from you – the parent. 

I also like to stay fit, although looking at me would make you tilt your head. But I am “getting back into it”. I used to race mountain bikes in the mountains of Northern California. Key phrase: “used to” – that was several years ago. I’m getting back into that shape again and hope to recreationally compete again before I turn 40. I also have marginally realistic hopes of finishing a sprint triathlon some day.

So, what is this blog really all about? Well, I’m not 100% sure yet honestly. Semantics will be a major part of it, but I’ll write about other things as well. Check out my first posting for more insight…perhaps.






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