If you follow Guy Kawasaki’s blog, you may have seen these. Thought it was worth sharing the pics.

45 hours in KL


Dysphemism – the substitution of a disagreeable, offensive, or disparaging expression for an agreeable or inoffensive one.

“dead tree edition” rather than “paper edition” (of an online magazine)
“kick the bucket” rather than “died” or “passed away”

Roughly synonymous with cacophemism (deliberately offensive).


Source: Webster’s, Wikipedia

pusillanimous – lacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity

Source: Webster’s

It’s about time

April 7, 2008

It’s April 2008 and I am finally writing my first blog entry. I was encouraged by those around me (colleagues and friends) for a while to start blogging or at least start writing something, anything. But, it seems I’ve always been a late adopter of trends and technologies (especially if “everyone” is doing it). In fact, in the past I have been prone to avoiding, movies, books, apple products, etc. just because everyone was watching it, buying it or doing it. Btw, I’m an Apple convert now.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so in January I decided I will take up blogging. With enthusiasm, I researched blogging options. Should I host it myself? Should I pay or take the free route? After some deliberation, I decided on a provider and started to sign up. However, there was one little hitch in the process, the form was requesting me to provide a name for the blog (something I could change later I found), something to be used in the URL. I had never thought of that really. I supposed the name should be descriptive – something that truly captured what I wanted to blog about. That begged another question. What do I want to blog about?

Well, long blog short, there are many things I want to share/discuss/debate, etc. I was thinking, I may want to share something personal maybe for cathartic or therapeutic reasons, talk about sports, discuss latest technology, maybe semantics. That last subject is what really got me thinking about blogging. If you read my bio, you’ll see why. 

So after a little searching, I chose Semanticity. Semanticity is defined as: the quality that a linguistic system has of being able to convey meanings,in particular by reference to the world of physical reality. I guess that sounds about right. (I am not claiming that this blog is a kind of linguistic system. So any linguists arming themselves with verbal darts, please stand fast).

So bear with me as I gain my blogging legs (or should I say fingers). This is all new territory for me.